Amanda dumbfollower is my favorite person ever

cam taggedugly is my hot male model best friend from wales

steven nishlo is triggered everytime you mention Bob Saget so do it often

Brady otterboxes is the greatest ever though eat some of my homemade diabetic sugar cookies
My Tumblr Crushes:vevovevo (8%)unfollovving-deactivated2013032 (7%)a-hilarious-motherfucker (7%)sacaswagea (4%)shaqandbake (4%)ripstudwell (4%)mcl0vinit (4%)hashedtag (4%)reblogmyselfie (4%)but also follow oomshi because he’s awesome okay
My Tumblr Crushes:
  1. vevovevo (8%)
  2. unfollovving-deactivated2013032 (7%)
  3. a-hilarious-motherfucker (7%)
  4. sacaswagea (4%)
  5. shaqandbake (4%)
  6. ripstudwell (4%)
  7. mcl0vinit (4%)
  8. hashedtag (4%)
  9. reblogmyselfie (4%)

but also follow oomshi because he’s awesome okay

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